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   You can say any fool thing to a dog,

and the dog will give you this look that says,

 `My God, you're RIGHT!

 I NEVER would've thought of that!'"

- Dave Barry

Jager is the living legacy to Ian Boswell, who died as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident near his home in the Florida Keys on Christmas Eve, 2007.  Ian was twenty-four years old, and is Jager’s “Daddy.”

While Ian was attending college in Orlando, he lived with his friend Eric.  They decided they’d like to have a dog, and they adopted Jager.  When Ian moved back to the Keys to be close to his girlfriend, Jager decided to join him, and they became inseparable.   Today Jager lives with his Uncle Mark in Homestead, but loves to spend time with his grandparents in Key Largo.     

OMG! How Cute.  A naked baby picture!


Jager was born in central Florida in August 2004.  He is a miniature pinscher/papillion, with a very outgoing personality. He loves people, and for the most part their pets—as long as they’re not too big.  When they are, initially there’s a bit of turmoil until the pecking order has been established. Jager was named after one of Ian and Eric’s celebrated libations, and no doubt if the adults would let him, he’d be in the hooch.

Jager keeps in shape, loves to walk and run, and when he’s not overindulging on “treats,” he maintains a fighting weight of about 24 pounds.  He loves to play with throw and tug toys, and has dozens of stuffed animals ranging from Sylvester the Cat to Funship Freddy.


He also has a penchant for dead fan-shaped palm fronds.  He loves to “find” them, and then be chased around the yard with them in his mouth playing keep away; only occasionally stopping to shred them into little pieces. To maintain his energy levels, Jager likes to snack.  Among his favorite treats are Old Mother Hubbard’s Old Fashioned Biscuits, carrots, and broccoli (which he rarely gets—because it gives him gas!).

To be continued. . .

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