Welcome to Jagerdays!

My name is Jager Boswell—actually, Jager Merritt Boswell, but that sounds a bit formal, don’t you think? 

So about now you have to be asking yourself, why does a “dog” have a website? ‘Cause I’m special—at least my Grandma thinks so.

Not everyone agrees.  My therapist says I have alpha male syndrome, but frankly, I think he’s full of feline feces.  The truth is, I’m a shy, humble little guy, and I love everybody.

Some of my site is still under construction, while my webmaster (Grandpa) continues to learn about publishing websites.  He’s been working on my bio and fun facts, and he just posted some cool pictures of me and some silly cat.  I asked him to put up pictures of all my furry friends, so if you’re reading this and you have any photos of my buddies—I don’t have to be in them, but it’d be great if I am—please send them to webmaster@jagerdays.com and we’ll turn ‘em into stars! 

Go ahead and take a peek at my Bio, Fun Facts, and Jager & Friends photos.  Then please come back soon to check on his progress.

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