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If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. 

 ~Phil Pastoret

Jager Fun Facts

When you first meet Jager, what you immediately notice is that he resembles a small black version of one of Christopher Robin's most famous friends. “Jager likes to bounce a lot, cause that is what Jagers do best.” In fact, Jager likes to “bounce” so much, when he is excited, he can bounce a full five feet.

Jager watches the clock, and will tell you when it’s time for a treat, especially at night.  He likes (and expects) a snack around 8:30 p.m., so about that time, he will get up, come sit in front of you, and stare at you non-stop until finally you say, “What?”  Then he barks continuously, spins 360 degrees, jumps five feet in the air, runs to the cookie jar, and continues to jump until finally you get up and give him a biscuit!

Everyone loves to travel; Jager more than most—or so he thinks.  He is the first to jump in a car—frequently behind the wheel, and requires a bit of prodding to get him to move to his “car seat.” When the car is in park, he wags his tail, and exudes nothing but pure excitement.  But once the car is in motion, it’s a whole different story.  He freaks out, pants incessantly, and thrashes about from side to side.  Of course this activity ends once you reach your destination.

The only time that Jager doesn’t freak out when he is in a motorized vehicle in motion, is when he’s in a golf cart, or when he’s driving—don’t ask us how we know. 

  Jager loves to talk.  He says “I wuv u,” but only to grandma.

  Jager doesn’t shake hands.  He gives you “five.” He learned this from his daddy.   


More Fun Facts soon!


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